The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Dec 28, 2010

The Harnisch Family Christmas!

Our home played host to it's final Christmas Party this season on Sunday...we were super excited to have all of our Harnisch family over to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus (oh and open gifts and eat yummy food too).  It was, as always, a very enjoyable time!  We are sooo blessed to have such amazing families ("Lee's" & "Harnisches").
 awwww...check out the four cuties in the middle (far left).  Grandma & Grandpa Harnisch placed these photos & message in this weekends Fremont Tribune.  Macy, Neely, Grady & Harrison are all celebrating their FIRST Christmases this year  :-)
Thanks Jerry & Lynette, what a very thoughtful idea!
 Shelly, Gayle, Macy & Autumn
Ja & Gordy having a somewhat intense conversation in the "toy" room.  ok
 The Men with their Moose Mugs.  sweet!
 Grady(5 months) & Gayle
 Shelly & Neely (5 months)
 Jessica & Harrison (8 months)
 Lot's of baby snuggling  :-)
 Let the gift exchange begin!
 haha - too CUTE!  Check out Neely & Grady sittin' in the bumbos.  Getting ready to open gifts  :-) 
 Does it get any more adorable??  not sure...
 Well...I suppose it can get "similarly" adorable.  Macy is excited to tear into her gifts too  :-)

 I love this pic for two reasons...1) the family room is a crazy DISASTER!  and  2)check out the passed out Westie in the MIDDLE of it all.  TOO FUNNY!!!  He could care less.
 Macy loves the smell of Grandma Harnisches candle  :-)
 Aunt Gayle got all the little's adorable hats.  Wish we could have gotten a big group shot with all the kids...but we were all too laid back and "lazy" to gather them all this will have to suffice (for now)
 LOVE the hats!  TOOO cute  :-)
 Macy was being sooo silly with Autumn & Sam,  She was really "cheesing it up".
 the little expressions she was giving these two were hilarious!
 What a NUT!  :-)
 On a different Gayle was filling all us adults in on an unfortunate "situation" that has arose at her Estes Park cabin in the mountains.  Yes, the very cabin, many of us LOVE to visit thanks to Gayle sharing it so generously with her family & friends.  To make a long story short, a few pipes burst in late November.  The watery/flooded mess was not discovered for well over a week and by that point, there was MAJOR damage.  Poor Gayle is up to her eye balls dealing with the insurance company, contractors, etc, etc...Right now the entire place is emptied out.  gutted.  carpet torn out.  drywall cut four feet up.  cabinets removed.  She showed several pics.  What a mess!  As if Gayle isn't busy enough, being a Chief Medical Physicist, now she has to deal with this very pressing/time sensitive situation.  I wish there was more we could all do.  Hopefully soon, there will be some way we could help, once Gayle is able to assess and wrap her arms around the situation some more.  She is fortunate to have some good friends back home in Denver, whom are helping and supporting her through much of this journey.
I am impressed by her attitude about this whole disaster.  While it is super over-whelming and a bit emotional for her, she does see "light at the end of the tunnel".  She is optimistic that once this is all said and done.  Once she gets through these trying months of remodeling and restoring.  The cabin will be freshened up for the better.  
Gayle - I just hope you know - that there are MANY many people who care for you and appreciate this amazing mountain home in the Rockies of which you so unselfishly share with us all.  There are so many people who want to help.  So, do not hesitate to let ANY of us know what we might be able to do during this time.  
A bit of good news to report.  The journal that everyone has been writing in and documenting their "stays" in is okay - the coffee table it sits on was just high enough to protect it.  Thank goodness, how sickening it would have been to have lost all of those awesome journal entries from the past 5 years.  More than 50 or so families close to Gayle have written in it!!
HAND-written in at that.
Please keep our sister in your thoughts and prayers these next few months as she deals with this terrible mess.
 Grady tries out Macy's new rocking horse.
 G&G Harnisch gave this special horse to Macy last week.  It is really neat.  It sits a little lower to the ground and has several safety features that accommodate little ones, especially little ones with "special needs".  Macy just LOVES it!  She just lights up when you put her in it.  She giggles and smiles from ear to ear once you start rocking her and singing with her  :-)
 Grandma & McKenzie reading a book
 The boys playing some pitch.  Todd just had a couple knee surgeries last week (old skiing accident), so as you can see he is a little "wrapped/iced up"
 When everyone was getting ready to pack up and head out (around 8:30-ish)...I wasn't ready for the party to end.  So I convinced Ashlynn and Autumn to sleepover.  Me, Ash, Autumn & Gayle played a competitive card game and watched a couple movies before "turning in".
Here are the kiddos bright and early the next morning.
 McKenzie thought it was pretty neat to have her cousins sleepover!
Toby got in on the fun too  :-)
We finished up our LONG card game...Autumn ended up being the big winner!  She came back from behind - way to go kiddo!  Good game :-)
Well, I suppose, now that the parties are over, I should prolly clean the house.  Maybe put some Christmas decorations away, get the house back into shape.  It'll get there.  :-)
But not before heading out to celebrate Macy's One Year B-Day tomorrow!  Gonna go see a movie and maybe get some lunch...what a special day it will be!!!!  :-)
Good night all.

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