The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Dec 28, 2010

Looks like they made the NICE list!

We've been talking about it for weeks.  Using the old "Santa only visits and brings gifts to boys and girls who are good" negotiations with McKenzie.  It has helped!  Santa apparently had both girls on his "nice list" this year and brought them a whole bunch of presents.  I was not at ALL worried about Macy (she's always an angel)...but he obviously must not be watching ALL the there have been many-a-time I beg to differ in regards to McKenzie these last few months...hehe...
 The sun finally, as Kenzie says, "WOKE UP", so we allowed her to finally drag us downstairs to check under the tree  (the baby gate helped quarantine her upstairs until we were ALL ready to go down TOGETHER)  :-)
 "Wow, are these all from Santa"?
 Macy loved playing with these maraca's  :-)
 Apparently Santa does not think our house in loud enough...he brought the girls a complete band set with an assortment of musical instruments  (I just may have to write him a letter to "thank" him for this).
 Macy learned how to do this over-night!
 Thanks Santa!
 Toby sits patiently in the background wondering if there is anything under the tree, or in his stocking this year.  Not sure why, but Santa seemed to have forgotten him the last couple years...  :-(  poor little pup.
 A kid can NEVER have too many of these!
 We stretched Christmas morning "gift opening" out for three plus hours.  Not because we had a ton of gifts, rather, the girls wanted to unwrap and play with each individual gift for a long time before moving on to the next one.  Made for a very fun, relaxing and enjoyable morning  :-)
 Not sure it will be like this for too many more I understand most kids move at a faster pace when it comes to presents.  :-)
 A glow in the dark, top, spinny, flying thing-a-ma-bob...
 Not sure who liked it more, Kenzie or Daddy. I think Mckenzie liked watching Joe act like a - you know the saying -  "Kid at Christmas".  :-)
 Yippee!!!  Santa DID remember Toby this year!  He loves his new fetching toy!
 We just love our Toby dog to pieces  :-)
 Grandma & Grandpa Lee made the rounds visiting everyone again this year...we were the first stop on their way.
 Grandma & Macy!

This, right here, is pretty much what our entire Christmas Day consisted of...NICE!
p.s. - do you like Joe's new husker snuggie??  The girls picked it out and gave it to him for his birthday.  They knew it would be the perfect "napping with daddy" blanky...
Aunt Gayle arrived into town from Colorado around 8:00.  We just love when she comes to visit.  She has a her own room upstairs and all.  It's all HERS!  No one else has ever slept in it  :-)  Kenzie makes sure of it  :-)  It was nice having her here, because as soon as we got the kiddos down for bed, she helped us get the house & food ready for the big Harnisch shin-dig for the following morning  :-)

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