The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Dec 8, 2010

Macy's 1st (and hopefully last) EEG experience

So the Neurologist ordered that we arrive at Children's with a sleepy baby...and I'm happy to report that we were successful in achieving that goal!  Atta girl  :-)
Yesterday, Macy had an electroencephalogram (or in more layman's terms EEG)...and she was having a good time right up until they called us back to the "room" and some dude started drawing X's all over her head.  She did NOT appreciate that ONE bit  :-(  (we better not show Kenzie these photos as she might think it's acceptable to draw ON little sisters). Then he proceeded to mess up her hair by smearing gooey gunk all over those X's, all the while Daddy was holding her down.  She was irate and I'm pretty sure everyone on that level of Children's Hospital knew it.  Once the 30+ electrodes (which are basically small metal disks with long colorful skinny wires) were pasted to her scalp, she was able to somewhat catch her breath.  She was handed over to me so that I could nurse her back to sanity.  And oh man was she WARN OUT!  Poor thing was just exhausted from twenty minutes or so of non-stop crying...which I suppose was actually somewhat productive as she was supposed to sleep through the procedure...and that she did  :-)  phew.
 This is the "deceivingly" nice man rubbing (not so gently) on her little head.
 Just a few more to go...
 ahhh, that's better!  Once she stopped hyperventilating she settled into a very relaxing and super peaceful state.  Very Therapeutic for both of us  :-)  She nursed (or I suppose pacified) herself the entire time...
 Her Neurologist will share the results with us in a couple days...hopefully there were no abnormalities detected in her brain waves, something I am certain will not.  At least that is what my strong mommy intuition is telling me. 
 Pic taken right after he washed the paste from her is that a frightening mug or what?  :-)
"Can we go home now?" Macy asked. Yes Macy, we can go home now  :-)  "That wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be" she said.  oh good.  
She still has those red marks on her head today, but they're starting to fade a bit...
You did a good job Macy, mommy & daddy were very proud of you!

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