The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Dec 9, 2010

McKenzie's First Christmas Concert!

McKenzie's pre-school class had their "Songs of the Season" program yesterday...she sang a couple of her songs to me over breakfast this morning, I was super impressed that she knew most of the words  :-)  Being that this was McKenzie's first ever performance in front of a live audience, I certainly did not set my expectations too high and had no idea what to expect. She has a tendency to be very shy a of late.
 Here is the M-W 3-year old class making their grand entrance into the chapel.
 oh McKenzie...being the that she is, just stared down into her hands with her chin tucked as far down into her neck as it would go.  She held this pose for the entire three minutes it took for the teachers to get the kids situated.  I was beginning to cringe at the thought of her doing this throughout the entire program.  Poor thing, I was feeling her pain.
 uop...she looked up and acknowledged the crowd for a second!  Spotted her mom and dad.  But then looked back down.  All the while the other kids had ants in their pants, were giggling, chatting and waving to their parents.
 As soon as the teachers gave the cue to begin she perked up and got right in the groove.  phew!!  :-)
 oh, my little angel did so well!  She punched all the major words, did a lot of the actions and actually (didn't see this coming) sang over the rest of the kids during a lot of the parts.  Atta girl  :-)
 It was super cute hearing her little voice singing the sweet Christmas songs.  Daddy, Macy and I were very proud of her!
here's a short little video clip of the beginning of the performance  (the entire program lasted about 10 minutes or so...but, honestly seeing the first 30 seconds just about sums up the entire show however)  :-)  oh, funny sidenote, Joe was recording this on my iPhone,  when all of a sudden Aunt Lisa called my phone and "interrupted" the recording...right where this clip ends.  haha.  nice, thanks Lisa!  tehe

 All the kids were excited to give their parents a special gift at the end of the McKenzie RUNS to us to give us ours  :-)
 As you can see she was super proud to give us this present.
 Macy thought it was pretty cool too!
btw - do you like my new sling?  It's especially handy now that Macy is getting a little heavy for the baby carrier (she's a whopping 14 lbs now you know) & probably will not be an independent walker for quite some time.  I need to keep a couple arms free for the needy 3 year old somehow!
My friend Lindsey made it for me and I've received a ton of compliments!  :-)  Thanks Lindsey...She calls it the "Evie Sling", it's super user-friendly & very functional, adjustable as well as versatile.  It's named appropriately after her very own adorable baby girl.  If you'd like one, she sells them in Omaha at Essentials Chiropractic near 76th & Pacific.  She's got lots of fun fabrics!  Check 'em out  :-)
 Kenzie shows Daddy her Work of Art.

Remember the Aunt Lisa phone call that interrupted the recording of McKenzie's concert??  Well, she just wanted to tell us that her, Brook and Ally were meeting up with Keli, Jaxson & Wyatt at BK for some lunch and playtime.  So, what the heck.  McKenzie deserves a special celebratory lunch after her stellar performance!
 Keli & Macy playin' patty-cake.
 Hi Ally!
 haha, that's Keli and Ally way up there.  The signs clearly say you must be between the ages of 4-10 to climb in the gym.  ooop.  Out of the eleven of us that were there together, Brook was the only one that legally fit the appropriate age range.  Oh well, we all played in it any way!  tehe
McKenzie still in her Christmas dress.
Now I remember why we do not go to BK very often...especially the ones that have play areas.  can you say "OVER-STIMULATION"!  We were only there for about an hour, but I was B.E.A.T!  get me outta here.

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  1. I remember the days when my bubbas were in preschool and did the Christmas programs - loved it! Now.........Jacob is getting ready to turn 16 (on the 17th) and Joshua's (13) voice is almost as deep as my husbands! Enjoy the present, before you know it, it'll be your turn for driving and puberty!