The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Dec 25, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

After a busy day full of nothingness (full of laying around, painting, playing with trains, Lifetime movies, afternoon drive to get toddler to nap)...we finally got Dressed in our Christmas Best and ready for the Christmas Eve Church service...
 notice anything different perhaps??
 Yep.  Momma got a new do!
 This is my first pic taken since going brunette (for the first time ever).  I was a little nervous...McKenzie told me "I look like a different girl"...she also told me "I looked like Aunt Gayle"...oh and she was also not afraid to tell me "that she didn't like it".  Oh the honesty of babes.  too late!  Get used to it chica.  :-)
 Macy doesn't seem to mind...but I have a feeling she'd love me no matter WHAT hair color I had!
 bein' silly
 me and my girls  :-)
After our 5:00pm church service, it was a little surreal...this was the first time (I think ever), that we did not have some sort of family holiday function to attend.  We couldn't just go home.  That would just feel we drive into town and ate at China Buffet.  Oh MAN, was it tasty?!  I could be full for weeks  :-)  I thought we'd be the only people, in the world, eating out...but we actually ran into a few other families that we knew.  I think we maaay have a new little Harnisch family tradition on our hands  :-)
When we got home, McKenzie was getting pretty psyched about Santa's impending arrival.  There were a few items that needed to be taken care of...
 McKenzie picked out three cookies that she KNEW Santa would love (thanks Grandma Lee for the homemade cookies) and set out some milk. 
He's gonna need a little snack break by the time he makes it down our chimney.
NEXT...we must NOT forget about the reindeer.  Santa gave us some special reindeer food a few weeks back (Thanks Ashley for inviting us to the party where Santa visited and gave all the good boys and girls this cute little bag of sprinkly "food")  What a GREAT idea!!  :-)
 This poem reads:
Sprinkle on the Lawn at Night
The Moon will make it Sparkle Bright
As Santa's reindeer fly and roam
This food will guide them to your home.

 oooops.  missed a spot.
 Better sprinkle some over here too!  :-)
 She was having soo much fun!
The sprinkly food has been spread...and now Santa's reindeer will be fed!
theeen...we watched McKenzie's SPECIAL personalized message from Santa.  She received this video message a couple weeks ago, but thought it would be fun to watch again right before bed!
 She was REALLY paying attention this time!
 check out those dimples (that's when you know it's a sincere, GENUINE, smile).
click on this link below if you'd like to view the AWESOME personal message! 
We read a couple Christmas books and OFF to bed she went.  geesh, wish goin' down could be this easy EVERY night!
I am SOO excited about our first Christmas as a family of four.  Plus, I think this is the first time we have a holiday she really "gets".  It feels amazing to have this power.  This power to control and begin our little families traditions.  It is up to me and Joe to create lasting memories for our girls and I feel as though today marked the beginning of the first major memorable moments that will be had by our biggest baby girl  :-)  yikes.  My throat got a little tight and achy with emotions as I typed that sentence.
Can't wait to wake up in the morn to one very excited little girl...I'm anxious to see what Santa leaves for her under the tree  :-)

Merry Christmas to all and to ALL a goodnight!
but wait.  one last thing...I leave you with this heartfelt really gets my water-works a goin'.  Taps deep into what Christmas is ALL about.  Very beautiful, extremely moving.
I strongly encourage you to watch it through to the end...powerful words.  You'll be left speechless.  I promise.

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  1. Thank you for the tip about an email from Santa. Tomorrow when she wakes up, Aunt Leanne will be the lucky recipient of one of these super cool emails! Oh and an early Happy Birthday to Macy who is one adorable little princess. I'm digging that big, red bow! I can't wait until Josie has enough hair for one of those :-)