The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Nov 23, 2010

Macy's visit with the Neurologist

We dropped big sis off at "Kids Camp" (genius concept by the way) and headed up to the 4th floor of Children's for a chat/check up with the Neurologist.  Macy's eye rolls are not as frequent as before, but they are still occuring which still leaves us a bit uneasy.  They rolled up right there in the check-up room, plus we also reviewed some video clips of recent eye roll episodes so the Neurologist could wrap his arms around it a bit more...I appreciated his thoroughness, he provided us with a lot of insights as to what may (or may not) be the case and answered our questions with much detail and explanation.
He agrees that we need to keep looking into least as long as they continue.  I would love for them to just STOP...but it's been happening for about 5 months now...we were hoping we'd meet with him today, and he'd tell us we have nothing to worry about, we are over-thinking this and our minds would be at ease...not exactly the response, but we are not too worried at least!  :-)

As you recall, last months MRI came back normal...but he's going to take another peek at it.  This will be the third set of eyes taking a gander at it.

Also, we have an EEG scheduled for next Tuesday.  He is not 100% certain these are seizures, but does not want to rule out the possibility - so we'll see if an EEG shows any abnormalities, etc...

Lastly, during his examination, he found that her fontanel (soft spot) was still quite large considering she is almost 11 months old.  He explained that the anterior fontanel (at the top of her head) should not be as wide as it is at her age.  Basically her skull bones/boney plates are closing slower than normal.  As a result we ventured down to the lab to have some blood drawn.  It's possible that she has hypothyroidism, which could contribute to slowed bone growth...could also explain her low weight (she tipped the scale today at 14.8 lbs which doesn't exactly register on either growth chart) & low tone.  It's important to note that these symptoms as well as other "hypothyroid" symptoms are also 100% expected among kiddos who have Down Syndrome, so this does not necessarily indicate thyroid issues.
In any case, should the results confirm a low thyroid diagnosis...we'll treat's totally treatable.  I would, of course prefer her NOT to have to undergo hormone treatment, but I guess we'll just cross that bridge if we come to it.
We also have a follow up with her Opthamologist next week, he wanted to take another look after her scans/tests, etc...  I don't think he is going to see anything new...I kind of think he just wanted to "see" her again, 'cuz he thinks she's adorable and can't get enough of her "baby-blues"  :-)  tehe  j.k.
Well, that's all I know...We are, after-all, just along for the the amusement park roller coaster attendant would say "Folks, Keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times."

I can't blog and not post a single I'll leave you with these oldies...enjoying a sunny September day on Grandma & Grandpa's front porch    :-)
 if you look closely you can kind of see the reflection of me taking her pic in her eyes  :-)
umm. yeah.  sure.  she's totally signing mommy here  :-)

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