The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Nov 15, 2010

Season's 1st Snowfall & Sister Sleepover

My sisters and I were going back and forth via email on Friday...discussing upcoming holiday plans etc...All of the sudden, Lisa shot over a "no subject" email asking if we were up for a sleepover at the Cooke's house  a) Jim was out of town & b) she thought she "needed some sister time".
How could we say no to that?  So, after my book party that evening, I bundled up the kids and headed over to the Cooke household.  The snow was coming down pretty good by this point.  FIRST SNOW FALL OF THE SEASON!  Mom joined us too and we ordered in Farmer Browns and watched a chick flick while the kiddos played and soon crashed for the night  :-)

Yes, us sister's have some good times together.  But it's not all fun & games.  As you can imagine, with four girls comes much drama.  Sometimes we have sad days too.  And this is what makes our relationship ALL THE MORE special.  We are there for each other no matter what.   Lisa was having a rough & somewhat frustrating week with her littles - Ally, her spunky 2 year old has been testing her mommas patience and hanging on her LAST nerve (I totally understand - been there - DOING that!).  It was a nice night of just "being" together.
I love you girls and feel so blessed and thankful that God put us in each others' lives.  And thanks to Mom & Dad for putting up with ALL the girl drama all these years.
I mean seriously,  how'd ya do it?!?  I only have two so far, and am having an overwhelming time!  Each day we have challenges and not-so-fun temper tantrums, but I just push through & think about how much it will all be worth it in the end, I pray my girls will be best friends and there for each other just as my sisters' and I are.

I had to be up and attem bright & early the next morning as Macy and I went to DS Mom's Coffee (mmmm Wheatfields!! This is another group of ladies I am very thankful for these days - I appreciate their friendship & support). 
It was warmly comforting.  Waking up in Waterloo.  I had a little fire in my heart driving through the icy streets of my hometown taking in the beauty that the season's first snowfall left behind.


No pics were taken at our little impromptu sleepover, because, in true sister fashion, we were quite "fashionless"...seriously no photos please!  
But I WILL share this cute pic of Macy falling asleep in her exersaucer the other day...
 What can I say?  I am clearly MOTHER OF THE YEAR!
She was out like a light!  And yes, I did let her sleep there for a few more minutes because she was oh so comfy.  I didn't want to disturb her slumber.

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