The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Nov 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 (part 1)

editors note:  I apologize in advance for the cheesiness of this next sentence. I couldn't help it...and it's my blog, so I'll cheese it up if I want to!  ha.

Fanksgiving is by Far one of my Favorite Festivities!  It's Fabulous and Focuses on Five F's...Family, Feast, Football, Friends & Fun!  And at the end of the day you Find yourself Full!  Full of everything you are MOST thankful For.
The Five day weekend started off with Erika coming home from college to spend some quality time with her family.  Her first order of business...tag along during Macy's OT appt.  Erika has decided that she wants to major in "Inclusive Early Childhood Education".  Although she has always known she wanted to do something that involved kiddos (cuz she is amazing with children!), she does admit that Macy has inspired her to pursue this specific "angle".  How SWEET is that?!  :-)  Love you Erika - what a difference you will make in the future of today's youth...the youth who need it the MOST!  :-)
 She also allowed the rest of us Aunts and cousins to crash her "Grandpa/Grand-daughter" lunch at the Firebarn.  Good times!
 group shot...notice I am not in ANY of these pics...typical.
Thursday we had our Thanksgiving feast with the Harnisches.
 Gobble Gobble everyone.  Again make note of who is not in any of these pics.  tehe
 Momma's little Turkeys!
 I like this picture for two reasons.  1) it proves just how SPOILED McKenzie is by all her Aunts.  here Aunt Shelly is SPOONFEEDING the grown toddler...and 2) notice the MEN in the kitchen in the background.  yep, they're totally doing the dishes.  NICE!
Gordy & Todd doin' a little after dinner clean up.
 Macy just eats up the attention from her super sweet big cousins.
 Love this!
 Autumn is so good with her  :-)
 McKenzie and Shelly having an intense conversation.
We got a game of pitch in too, which is always fun. We used to always get in a good game of cards at our Harnisch gatherings, but that is proving to be a bit more difficult as of late as the kids just about out number the adults these days! :)
I didn't take too many pics because I was too busy relaxing and enjoying the day.  I'm bummed that I did not get a shot of the other little ones!  :-(  Neeley, Grady or Harrison.  And Sam, poor Sam had a fever and napped through most of the party.
We had a low key day today (Friday) just doin' some chores around the house, watched some football and put up some indoor Christmas stuff.  Tomorrow is the big Lee Thanksgiving feast!  :-)

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  1. Beautiful post! Happy Thanksgiving, I'm sure you are...w/ all of your blessings.