The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Nov 9, 2010

And she SITS!

I am usually not too competitive and not one to brag...

...wait a second...


This is why I am super stoked to officially announce that Macy SITS!  All by herself  :-)
She has been "prop sitting" for a couple months now, but I think it is safe to say she has evolved into a full fledged SITTER  :-)
 Sitting...Independently since October 31st, 2010. 
As the saying goes "The Grass is always greener" really applies in this case.  
Macy is very much appreciating her "new views"  :-)

Below is a video from last Friday during Early Intervention (or as Kenzie calls it "Macy's School").  Lucy (Macy's OT) took her measurements (with the assistance of McKenzie of course) a couple weeks ago, and created this really great "Floor Table".  It fits her proportions perfectly and makes floor time play all the more fun and productive. Macy is able to sit 100% independently and is able to have toys at her level.  This encourages and motivates her to strengthen her core and sit up for a long period of time!  

"Making the blocks go boom!"
Never mind the "needy" 3 year old running around in the background.  McKenzie sometimes makes Macy's at home therapy sessions exhausting and a bit overwhelming.  Both her and Toby can be quite a distraction at times.  But all-in-all, what else would you expect right?  I appreciate how each of the therapists and teachers understand, relate and try to include McKenzie into Macy's session as much as possible.  Sometimes McKenzie really IS helpful...maybe too helpful, but helpful none-the-less.  For example, Lucy might ask her to get a block.  But McKenzie does not stop at just one block, she'll bring 40 over one at a time.  What a helper!  
Or the time Lucy asked her to find a car...Kenzie brought 5 different kinds for her choosing.  When Lucy asked her to hand her the tape measure, McKenzie HAD to take all the measurements herself.  She then proceeded to "measure" each and every item of furniture in the room, just in case that might be helpful to Lucy as well.  One time McKenzie got her baby doll and sat her down on the floor in front of her and mimicked the actions that Lucy was doing with Macy.  Super CUTE!  I think we've got a future OT on our hands  :-)
Oh and Toby's gotta be right in the middle of ALL the action too.  His spot of preference would be on Lucy's lap or laying across her paperwork (which is usually on the floor).  What a dog!

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