The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Nov 30, 2010

Isabel's 5 year B-Day Party!!!

McKenzie was super jazzed to get an invitation to her longtime friend Izzie's "Big Kid" Birthday Party.  The best part, it was at a super fun place that Kenzie has never been...Mahoney State Park's Activity Center has a really awesome indoor play area.  SWEET!!
 McKenzie was pretty unsure about it at first...but she warmed up after a few minutes.  :-)  She especially enjoyed the tunnels.  She would want to stop in each one and pretend like it was her house for a few minutes.  At least until a big kid would come by and stare at her impatiently giving her the "hey little girl, get outta my way look!"
McKenzie waiting patiently for all the other friends to join her at the party if only we could get her to be this "good" all of the time.  I suppose that would probably have to entail cake, ice cream and it's not likely anytime soon  :-)
Isabel getting ready to blow out the candles on her Dora cake!
 Wow, that's impressive.  I don't know how Jeremy and Becca managed to wrangle this group of little ones and keep them all well-behaved, inline and mindful for as long they as they did.  They pulled off a super fun B-Day party!  And I think Jeremy has added a few more gray hairs to his head after Sunday afternoon  :-)
 I love how Isabel is arranging all of her friends for a group picture  :-)
 okay.  GO!
 McKenzie loved doing somersaults & cartwheels on the big mat.

off in a liitle world of her own playing with the little kid toys...which I suppose is appropriate since she IS still a little kid :)

 Tye up high in the tower!
 Becca and Megan.
You'll be happy to know all the kids made it back to Omaha and were returned safely to their parents.  Most of Izzie's friends were dropped off by their parents, but I'm not sure my 3&1/2 yr old's ready just yet...maybe the next time.  So I tagged along and helped chaperon.

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