The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Nov 2, 2010

Trick or Treat 2010

Macy's first Halloween is "on the books".  And what a fun time it was!  Our neighborhood was full of trick-or-treaters!  My whole family came over for an impromptu fire-pit party in the driveway.  All my sisters, their kiddos and my mom & dad came over to Arbor Ridge to join in the fun - what a great night...what made it even MORE great was Uncle Dan's homemade Chicken Noodle Soup.  mm mm good! 
My camera is still broken (tear), so these pics are from my sisters' & dad's cameras...Heather I'm still waiting on a couple from you!  :-)
by the way - good news from the camera's fixable!!  We are awaiting our repair estimate, so I have yet to know what the exact "damages" are...but at least we don't need to buy an all new camera, or whole new lense...our pocketbooks were not quite ready for that expense yet!  :(
 This is just about as good as the family pic is gonna get...the girls are just waaaay to excited to get their "trick-or-treat" on.
 Macy the Kitty-Kat
 I was going to draw black whiskers (which would have made her look complete), but I just couldn't bring myself to actually do it.  All I could visualize was a smeary mess in the near future.  ba-humbug-mamma.
 no need to adjust your computer settings...yes Kenzie is RAGING orange!!  She was a "candy-corn"...or fruity-licious if you will.  She pulled off the look much for successfully than I did!
 Macy was trying to peek into Kenzie's (treat basket) - "oh no you don't little Kitty-kat"
 "Mom, no fair, kenzie won't share!"  :-(
 Anna is such a little ham!  Why won't she share some of that "flair/photogenicness" with her cousin??
 Keri and Lisa enjoying some yummy soup!
 Hi Gwamma Lee

Zach, McKenna, Hannah, Dylan, Lauren, Macy & McKenzie posing for our annual "neighbohood friends" halloween pic.  Sadly my kiddos were not cooperating!!  :-(
 nice Kenzie.
 It was so sweet to watch out little kitten playing in the grass...she was sitting up ALL by herself for SOOO long!
 uh oh, she's off balance...
 ...whoa...hey catch me guys!...
 ...and she's down...good thing Aunt Heather and Keri were RIGHT there beside her to break her fall...err...I mean get it all on film.  tehe.  sorry kid  :-)
 Brook - Kung Fu Jedi Master!
 These spoiled Diva's were pulled in the wagon from house to house...geez, how rough!
 Me & Macy cuddling by the got pretty chilly once the sun went down.
 Emmett (I mean Thomas) stopped by to trick-or-treat and Anna was JUST SOO excited to see her little daycare boyfriend.  She kept saying "Emmett at Kenzie's house...Emmett at Kenzie's house"  her reaction to him was priceless.
 This is sincere & genuine happiness right here!
By the level of drama this girl portrayed, you would have thought that this was her husband returning home from the war or something...  :-)
 Trying to get a good cousin shot is hard to do.  I'm pretty Heather has a good one, so that may appear in a later post...all it's own  :-)
 Once we got to the third house on our trick-or-treating route Macy was out!
 As you can see, I was tired too, I really really wanted to join her in sleepy-dream land.
 okay this was funny...McKenzie is making her scariest, most ferocious "rawwwr" face and "rawwwr" sound...little does she know her face is hidden behind the mask and this camera has NO you'll just have to use your imagination  :-)
The Cooke's.  :-)

I hope you all had a wonderful & safe Halloween...I suppose this just opens the flood gates to the 2010 Holiday season.  Let the CRAZINESS begin!

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