The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Nov 1, 2010

The Cooke's Halloween Party

Halloween is not JUST for the kids.  Last night we partook in some adult Halloween fun at my sister's house.  fun times.  fun times.  Well right up until my camera got bumped off the table and broke.  TEAR!  :-(   I am super bummed.  Hopefully Rockbrook camera can repair it at a fairly minimal cost.  say a prayer!
But anyways, back to the fun party...
 Chad, Dan & not quite sure who is Gumby at the was a "floating" costume.  Don't ask what the flashing banana is doing to this weird green thing at the moment.
 In case you can't tell, I'm a CANDY-CORN...and Joe is "Dr. Shots".  :-)
 the banana, an indian, Dog, pirate and a priest.  nice.
 okay, this was HILARIOUS!  Eric was the Six Flags guy!  He brought his own music and busted out in dance often.  super funny.
 Keri, Eric, Dan & Rick
 Eric, Corissa, Christy & Matt
 BUSTED!  This was when I discovered that Gumby was NOT who he appeared to be.  creepy.
 Great party Lisa - thanks for hosting!
 Bob - I never really was quite sure what he was?
 Angie annoucing Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife (Beth) as the winners!

 Christy, Corrisa, Kristi, Lisa & Angie  (I LOVED Angie's get-up)  cute.
 A little Beer-Pong action.  we're not competitive much?
 Lisa & Jim went all out decorating their garage...complete with a "make-out" room of all things.  ha!
 Becky was Flo - the Progressive lady.  awesome!  Loved it!

While I think that the Kovar's really pulled off the Dog the Bounty hunter couple & deserved the big win...Heather & Chad were #1 in my book!   :-)

In case you find yourself craving more pics & would like to see what may have taken place after we left (we were old & boring and were home by 11pm) Stacie put a pretty cool video together of the nights' events...feel free to check it out if you like.  too funny!  

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  1. Such adorable Halloween party!! Looks just blasting. I bet that it was a blasting party and you all enjoyed it thoroughly. At some domestic LA venues we had also hosted a fun Halloween bash. It was super exciting and we had a wonderful time together.