The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Nov 11, 2010

Ash & Autumn's B-Day Party!

McKenzie & Macy's beautiful cousin's Ash (11) & Autumn (8) invited us to their big girl birthday parties the other day.  Fun times spent with the Harnisches  :-)
 We attempted a Grand-kid pic.  You never know what you're gonna get with 9 ancy little ones...but I'd say it turned out quite well  :-)
 I love how McKenzie just HAD to sneak Jessie (Toy Story character) in this shot.  HAHA  Too funny, I had no idea until just now  :-)  I think she is throwing us a hard-core hint for Christmas (as this one belongs to cousin Mason)  hehe
 Macy with one of her favorite people.  Autumn is SOOO good with the little ones and I think she is a little "smitten" with Macy.  Or at least this is how she makes Macy feel anyway.  :-)
 What a funny face!
 Not sure what Autumn was saying here, but Macy thinks it's pretty neat!
 Grandma Harnisch with her youngest twin baby & youngest twin grand-babies.  priceless  :-)
 "oh dear...what is McKenzie putting on my head?"
Yep, Macy, I'm afraid she did.  She thought you looked hilariously adorable in Woody's Toy Story hat.  And because of you piggy tail it had no trouble staying in place!  hehe
Cousin Harrison & Uncle Tod
 G-Ma & G-Pa Harnisch with Grady & Neeley
 Kenzie & Mason had a blast playing together.  Why wouldn't she feel right at home at her cousins house.  He only has ALL he coolest toys.
never-mind the B-Day Cake & candles being blown out behind you...

Oh man, how the times have changed, I do not remember what I got as B-Day gifts when I was their age...but pretty sure an iPod Touch was not even close to being in the realm of possibility.  It was only twenty years away from being invented.  But seriously, who could have imagined back then, that technology would be where it is today?  This is something not even "The Jetson's" dreamed up!

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