The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Nov 15, 2010

9th Annual MLC Girls Christmas Party

And so it begins - this past weekends' festivities officially marked the begin of the 2010 Holiday season...

We've been planning and talking about it for months. Can't believe our big day has already come and gone. Our 9th Annual MLC Girls Christmas Party was a BLAST! Thanks Al for hosting all of us wild chicks. Dinner was delish. We also appreciate your allowing us to crash at the "Kohlhaas Inn". :-) I apologize, on behalf of all of us, for the condition we left your house the next day. That middle of the night snacking didn't help!
Here are some pics from our fabulous night in CB (Council-tucky) - It wasn't Nashville, or Tilden, or Emerson, or Omaha, or Howells, but it was just as fun :-) We are thinking we may crash Heather's town next out Dayton Ohio...we're coming your way!
A few girlies couldn't make it this year, due to distance, state volleyball and being pregnant. But we still had fun and perhaps we can have the whole gang together again next year :-)
After dinner we had our traditional gift I am modeling part of Al's gift :-)

Jill, me & Jenny :-)
Me, Nikki & Heather - this is when we started to "get a little crazy" :-)
not really sure...
Walking back to our car at the end of the night - FREEZING! Why am I the only genius who decided not to wear a coat??
Our first stop...Of course we had to pose in front of the "SCOTT" Street Pub sign...

Our infamous "Bad-girl" pose. This dates back to the Isaac Walton graduation party in 2001. oh good times, good times. "It's so fun I love it"!
stopping to pose for a pic while "cuttin' a rug"

We had an awesome time all night long reminiscing about old times...old boy friends...talking about old MLC friends we hadn't seen in quite some time, sharing stories about some we've run into lately, etc... Lot's of laughs! The night also ended in tears as the "light" conversation took a pretty deep turn around 3am. I love these girls so much and it really felt good to be able to shed healthy tears with old friends. I love you and can't wait until our big 10th Annual X-Mas Party next year! :-)

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  1. Looks like you all had quite the boring time - you need to loosen up a bit and have fun! ha!