The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Nov 8, 2010

Sleepover Party with the Twins!

We were super excited when Ja and Bethany asked us if we would do them the favor of playing "nanny" to the twins during Bethany's sister's wedding/reception.  Both of them were in the wedding which would have made tending to the twins a little overwhelming.
So, my parents came over to watch our girls.  I've gotta say it was kind of strange to get a babysitter so that we could babysit.  
but it totally made sense!
The night was going well, and just as we were getting ready to leave the reception, Joe and I asked Ja & Beth if Neeley & Grady could go ahead and just sleepover.  I think they were thrown a little off-gaurd with this spontaneous offer.  But we were serious, we REALLY wanted to give it a try.  Plus, we were really hoping this would allow their momma & daddy to get more than a 3 hour window of sleep...something they had not gotten for over 14 weeks!  :-)
On the drive home we asked ourselves "What in the heck did we just get ourselves into??"
But no worries were to be had.  Both Neeley & Grady were perfect little angels.  Sure they needed changed & fed every 3 hours.  We have not had to get up in the middle of the night for a feeding in a LONG time (thanks Macy), so it was a bit of an adjustment.  But luckily each time they arose, they went back down without giving us any trouble.  WHAT GOOD BABIES!!
This pic was taken with my phone (since my camera is still in the shop), in the middle of the night - no flash.  not too bad huh?

It was so nice hanging out with these two little angels without our princesses around.  We could bond and get to know both of them so much better.  We learned that Neeley is super calm, content and happy go lucky (I am in love with her long eye-lashes), while Grady (this night at least) needed just a little more attention and was a tad-bit feisty (he has surpassed his sister in size - as it should be).  Grady likes to party in the crib during the 2am feeding, while Neeley is more of a morning babbler, as she was bright-eyed, giggly and chatty around 6:30am.  SOOO SWEEET!
Fun fun, we'd have them sleepover again in a heartbeat, so Ja & Beth, you just say the word!  :-)  That is at least until they start to be more mobile, which I suppose gives you a shortened window of opportunity.  hehe  j.k. 
By the way - BIG props go out to all my friends who have twins or any other types of "multiples"...yikes!  I knew you guys had it hard, but MAAAN did I underestimate the amount of energy and attention these babes require.  Why is it that they need everything at the same time??  Don't they know that people only have two hands??  We were responsible for these two for no more than 15 hours or so, and while I must add they were on their best behavior and followed their little schedules to a T, but still.  They were WORK!  Serious WORK!

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