The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 13, 2010

"Mom's Harvest Football Coffee Farmer Days" oh & Sunday School!

Yep...the title of this post pretty much sums up our's all running together and was kind of a blurr. :-)
Saturday started off with another awesome DS Supermom's coffee. As always, I enjoy connecting with these momma's and sharing "life" with them :-)
me and sweet baby Tessa...she is only a few months younger than Macy. Check out her new specs. awww poor dear...but at least she looks super daaaang adorable in them!
April and cutie pie Kennedy, who just turned 1! Love her leg warmers :-)
Henry's mom, Bella's mom & Tessa with her momma :-)
Brooklyn & Brady's mom's - oh and that's the adorable baby Mallory. What a doll, so glad she came too!
Kalynn & Janessa. Go Big Red!
Us mom's talkin' and sharin'
I had to go in for a close up of Tessa with her precious glasses. They make her look so different...but at least she still has her sweet adorable charm. :-)
:-) seriously adorable.
After Mom's Coffee we ventured into Fremont to watch the Husker game over at Grandma & Grandpa Harnisches house.
Macy & Grandpa Harnisch comfy on the couch
Hi Grandma! I love you :-)
We also drove across town to the Midland Lutheran College (breaking news alert - now Midland University) Football game. They've been in the news a lot lately regarding this along with several other exciting changes :-) I'm proud of my Alma-mater.

They were taking on University of Sioux falls...the #1 team in the nation. MLC lost, but hung in there and actually put up a pretty good fight. It was SOOO awesome to see the stands FULL of fans. I forgot my camera...tear... :-( I wish I had taken a picture of McKenzie in her Midland Cheerleading uniform, I've gotta say she looked pretty dang adorable. I always feel so "lost" without my camera. Sometimes, when we are out & about with the girls I attempt to "pack light"...but from now on cutting the camera is not an option :-)
The girlies slept over at Grandma & Grandpa's as we headed to Waterloo for a little Harvest Days Celebration. Dinner at Farmer Browns and Beer Garden/Dance across the street at the Firebarn. Fun times! :-) We also went to the Dog House...okay, this is too funny...just as I was typing this sentence, no joke, my friend Christy "tagged" me in a facebook photo of a group of us girls.
some Waterloo / Valley courtesy of the Karoake guy - Buck Bennett :-)
It was nice for me and Joe to get out and have some "adult time"...As you can imagine, I do not get out much let alone stay out past midnight too often. So having to wake up early and not only go to church but help TEACH Sunday School the next morning, was not, what you'd say, ideal. But we worked it out...haha :-)
McKenzie REALLY enjoyed her first day of Sunday School!
All of us took an awesome power nap Sunday afternoon...just what the doctor ordered :-)


  1. Tessa is so adorable! I bet she and Macy will be best friends!!

    As for the Midland commercial - some awesome agency did the spots for them. Wonder who that could be?! :) Glad you like them!

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